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  • Former professional football player:Athletic Club de Bilbao, FC Barcelona, Valencia CF, RCD Mallorca y Real Oviedo.
  • Degree in Business Management and Postgraduate Diploma in Asset Management.
  • (UPV). European Financial Advisor(EFA).
  • Players’ Intermediary.
  • Level III Football Coach.
  • Specialist University Lecturer

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  • Former professional football player: Athletic Club de Bilbao, Córdoba CF, Real Jaén, Écija CF.
  • University Specialist in Sports Management.
  • Sports Manager.

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  • Head of the Sports Law Area and expert in inheritance and leases
  • Head of the Civil and Commercial Area.
  • Degree in Law (UPV)
  • Expert in Urban Planning Law and Real Estate Management

[/image_with_text][vc_empty_space][image_with_text image=»21781″ title=»Urrutia y Ruíz Asesores»]

  • Economists Lawyers Firm
  • Specialized in Tax and Labour Law.

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  • Specialist in employment contracts and processing of permanent disabilities.
  • Head of the Criminal and Marriage Law Area

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  • Former professional football player: CA Osasuna, FC Barcelona, Real Betis, Athletic Club de Bilbao, CD Leganés, Burgos Cf, Reus.
  • Level III football coach.
  • Sporting Director Écija CF. 2nd coach Betis B and lower categories.

[/image_with_text][vc_empty_space][vc_empty_space][image_with_text image=»21781″ title=»Javier Zubieta»]

  • Former professional football player: Athletic Club De Bilbao, Sestao SC, SD Lemoa, Barakaldo CF y Amurrio CF.
  • Degree in Economics and Business (UPV).
  • Extensive experience in management functions, analysis and comprehensive business management.
  • Specialist in economic, financial and fiscal management.

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